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ТAXI ( english)?

In order to drive these vehicles, you need a Passenger Transport Permit (FzF).
In order to obtain this permit, you must have a „minor“ examination and, in addition to this, a transport psychological examination (VPU) if you are obtaining your license for the first time or are renewing it after reaching the age of 60.

The examination procedure includes the completion of a questionnaire, the physical examination itself, including a vision and hearing test, and a laboratory test. For first-time drivers or those renewing their driver’s license after age 60, there is also a vehicle psychological evaluation (VPU).


This is a state-of-the-art computer program that tests your reaction, attention and concentration. You are trained in each test exactly as long as you need to successfully complete it. No computer knowledge is required, so there is no need to be afraid.
We advise you to choose the time for the test so that you come to the test when you are rested and well rested (!). The duration of the test is 45 minutes.

The VPU is not to be confused with the MPU (medical-psychological examination), the so-called „idiot-test“, which is offered by other organizations.


The basic examination costs 70 euros (incl. Ust). Please bring this amount with you to the examination in cash and without change.
The transport-psychological examination (VPU) costs an additional 80 Euros, so that you will have to pay 150 Euros for all the examinations if you are obtaining your driving license for the first time or if you extend your driving license after the age of 50.
In individual cases there may be additional costs associated with more detailed laboratory analysis. For diabetics this is usually 20 euros, in other cases that require clarification it may require an additional 20 euros. A more expensive examination is exceptionally rare.

In our medical practice you can also pay cashless by bank card (Maestro, EC Karte) or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD).
With some organizations there is an agreement to pay for the survey by a follow-up invoice. This form of payment is only possible on presentation of the corresponding voucher. If you have one, you must give it to us before the examination.

How do I arrange a deadline?

It is very quick and easy to make an appointment for a „small“ examination. You just have to call my practice at 0511 / 547 63 90.
We try to stick to precise deadlines, so you usually don’t have to wait long for your turn, as long as you arrive on time. If you can’t make it to your appointment, call 24 hours in advance, in which case we can give your „number“ to others who want it.
In the case of „large“ examinations that include a transport psychological evaluation (VPU), we only work on a prepayment basis. Unfortunately, there have often been instances where we have provided specific dates for exams and drivers simply don’t show up for them. Therefore, we now only schedule a date and time once money has been deposited into our account.
You can pay at our practice either in cash or by bank card (EC-Karte). If you pay by CREDIT CARD (VISA, American Express or MASTERCARD), you can make an appointment over the phone without coming to the practice in advance.

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